Cherokee Public School Parents
Sign Open Letter Addressed to
Their Kids, Their Kids' Teachers,
Local School Officials, and State

7.11.2012 | Over 250 Cherokee County Public School Parents sent an
important message to students (their children), teachers and staff,
administration, and state legislators via the
Cherokee Ledger News, a local
newspaper (see the ad below).

Students were congratulated on completing another successful year and
for their numerous accomplishments.    Teachers and support staff were
thanked for their dedication, professionalism, and skill. The local Board of
Education, Superintendent Petruzielo, and his Team were commended for
showing leadership in the development of a budget that supports students
and keeps as many resources in the classroom as possible.  Cherokee
County is known statewide for its quality schools.

For state legislators, the message was clear -- stop the Death by a
Thousand Cuts by fully funding public schools.  
Cherokee County
Schools will suffer a $26.5 million (FY13) State Austerity Cut.
equates to $685 per student or $17,132 per class (of 25).

Cherokee County Schools and other systems across Georgia have
endured a decade of cuts despite increasing state mandates and have
seen local communities bear the cost of these mandates.

Enough is enough -- now is the time to put Public Schools before politics.  
Now is the time to listen to parents, educators, and the community because
Better Schools = Stronger Community.

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