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who we are
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EmpowerED Georgia:
EmpowerED Georgia was founded in January 2010 by a
group of parents and educators in response to the deep
budget cuts and destructive policies facing education in

Though we have southern Georgia roots, from the onset
we have set out to create a statewide organization that
would unite all Georgians in the pursuit of ensuring quality
education for every child.  We strive to inform all education
stakeholders about education issues and to find new ways
to engage them.

Today, over 3,500 --
students, parents, educators, and
concerned citizens
-- members from across Georgia call
themselves EmpowerED.

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our mission
EmpowerED Georgia is passionate about public

Our mission is to:

Inform the public about what is going on in public
education by partnering with op-ed contributors, organizing
news from various sources, and providing commentary on
education issues of the day.

Engage all education stakeholders -- students, parents,
educators, and concerned citizens -- through social media,
an e-newsletter, and events.
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