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action in a quick and convenient way.  We provide Act!on pages with legislative
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We keep you up-to-date with what is going on under the Gold Dome and at the
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EmpowerED Georgia provides education news from across the state and nation.  We
also provide commentary on some of education's most widely-discussed issues of
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A Growing Voice
Since January 2010, EmpowerED Georgia has seen its membership grow to 3,500+
-- students, parents, educators, and concerned citizens from all across Georgia have
joined our grassroots movement for positive education reform.
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Membership is FREE and open to any Georgian --
student, parent, educator, or concerned citizen -- who is
passionate about public education.
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EmpowerED Georgia is 3,500+ strong with members from
across the State of Georgia.  We are passionate about
public education -- fighting against destructive education
policies, while promoting a vision for positive reform.

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