EmpowerED Georgia is a
grassroots education advocacy
group made of thousands of
parents, educators, and concerned
citizens from across the state. We
are committed to ensuring a quality
public education for every child.

About Us
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We believe in bringing parents, educators, and community members
together to discuss education issues and to achieve real reform that ensures
a quality public education for
every child in Georgia.

Click here to view our 'Student Bill of Rights' which defines the meaning of
a quality public education for
every child.

for Parents...
- Enhance parental involvement
- Protect the promise of quality education for
every child

for Students...
- Restore and expand academic/extra-curricular /co-curricular opportunities
- Provide an education model that focuses on achieving individual potential,
instead of an one-size-fits-all approach

for Educators...
- Build collaboration and innovation that bridges across grade levels and
- Use testing as a diagnostic means to provide real feedback
- Restore respect to the teaching profession
- Treat teachers as professionals, giving them the trust and flexibility to do
their jobs

for Taxpayers...
- Provide a stable and equitable source of school funding
- Ensure that the funding burden is distributed fairly
- Protect and expand transparency and accountability

for Business Leaders...
- Encourage the business community to collaborate with area schools
- Produce a workforce of innovators and critical thinkers, instead of good

for Elected Officials...
- Connect education stakeholders with their elected officials
- Inform elected officials of the positive or negative effects of their policy
- Bridge the divide between rhetoric and reality
- Realize that public education faces tough challenges that cannot be
overcome with quick or fad fixes