Myth: Charters Seek to Put the Interests of Families and Students

Proponents of the proposed charter amendment wave the banner of
families and children, while advocating the interests of business interests
over students’ interests.

Fact: For these groups and individuals, support of the proposed charter
amendment equates to making a business investment, instead of investing
in all of our schools and all of our children.
    Many would think that a true grassroots organization would have a
    charter school parent or teacher at its head.  However, FBPS’s
    Director is Mark Peevy. Peevy is the former President of the Georgia
    Charter School Association and current co-owner of a for-profit
    company called Ed Innovation Partners, LLC, which provides
    services to help clients establish and run charter schools.

    A glance at FBPS’s website and promotional materials makes it
    appear that they represent the interests of everyday Georgia
    families, but beyond the stock photos lies a web of self-serving
    actions, instead of student-serving actions.

Myth: Charter Schools Increase Student Achievement

Multiple Studies and Reports Call Into Question the Effectiveness of
Charter Schools.

Fact: Charter school proponents regularly cherry pick data and make
broad comparisons.  
    Often, they point to the overall scores of the area’s traditional
    schools and compare them to the overall scores of the charter
    school.   Proponents continue to twist the data in order to push an
    agenda.  When it comes to true comparisons, the devil is in the

    In EmpowerED Georgia's Charter Schools Blueprint, we advocate
    that comparisons must be made on a sub-group to sub-group basis
    (i.e. comparing the performance of charter school students with
    disabilities to that of traditional school students with disabilities).  The
    proposed charter amendment does not include such a requirement.
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