Common Core and Charter: A
Dangerous Concoction
Many charter schools are being delivered via online providers. Creating
uniformity in common standards is very attractive for the Consortia of States
who have accepted the NCLB waivers. The e-learning industry is surely to
benefit from this public-private venture .  Large online providers will get
millions in state dollars because they will not have to update 50 different
interfaces using 50 different curricula. Georgia Charter proponents have
received 85% of funding from out of state donors to push this lucrative and
corporatist agenda.  If the Georgia Charter Amendment passes, expect a
large influx of online providers and online common curriculum delivering the
Common Core Standards to charter schools. Charter Schools who accept
RTTT dollars have to implement “best practices” prescribed by the NCLB
waiver. These “best practices” are defined by the Consortia of States which
adopted the new standards and will be evaluated by the new national testing
as requested in America/Goals 2000 .

Computers in education and Schools-to-Work agenda followed with President
HW Bush.  This was called work force training instead of academies.
Implemented work forced training is central to implementing a planned
economy.  When elected school boards figure out that they really do not like
this form of education then this is when politicians will implement the
unelected power of Charter School Agencies, like the GA Charter
Commission,  who are appointed. Computers were also being used to
implement these curricula using the US Department of Education (USDOE) to
implement the ideas of accepting a planned economy.  Using the USDOE is
the only way to continue with the data mining on student profiles from grades
K-12. This also fulfills the America/Goals 2000 agenda in developing
“voluntary testing”.

Professor Eugene Boyce from UGA stated that the Soviet System of
education does not educate for jobs that do not exist. Children will be locked
into jobs that have been planned by the public-private sector instead of the
free market. In many respects, this stifles creativity and ingenuity in our young
people (Communist Manifesto defines a planned economy as the merger
between the private and public industry---a merger between government and
corporations ).  American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been
instrumental in writing legislation for K-12 education that sets up this
“partnership” to transform our economic and educational system, and that
includes Charter legislation. Many state legislators pay thousands of dollars
to be a part of this council in order to pass legislation. ALEC (formally
Rockefeller Foundation) has strong expertise in merging in government and
corporate policy.

Some education researchers state that much of the debate is not centered
around increasing student learning but to cloud the national debate that our
public schools are bad and should be changed into public-private education
ran by unelected boards. Decreasing education’s dependency on local
community resources and freeing it from the protection of the American form
of traditional government . Directing education toward an international view
point and discrediting the American way. The culmination of all the mentioned
laws and polices do nothing more than threaten our form of representative
government. The combination of nationally standardized curriculum and
public-private partnerships in school governance removes our republican
form of governing our schools.  This is dangerous and un-American.

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Jeremy Spencer, Ed. S. has
been teaching biological sciences
for 13 years in Georgia.  He currently
the education policy adviser for his
elected state house representative.
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